New Foreign Trade Policy

New Foreign Trade Policy

The fiscal year 2021-22 concluded on a positive note for India's foreign trade; Indian exporters not only showed COVID resilience but also achieved robust growth

Politics of Freebies

the subject of freebies distributed by Indian governments has been scrutinized. Freebies have been an important aspect of Indian politics throughout the

Demon Of Inequality In Society

Recently, Oxfam International presented its annual global inequality report titled "Inequality Kills which presented the quantum growth in wealth of a minuscule few, and the simultaneous impoverishment of millions of working people. The findings of the report remain dismal for India as well

Reviving Federalism in India

Federalism is a two-tiered governance structure that includes the federal government and a number of states. Federalism is one of the foundations

Female Entrepreneurs in India

Female Entrepreneurs in India Since the dawn of time, women have been the victims of numerous crimes. Even if the campaign for gender equality has gaine
Digital Talent

Digital Talent

In an emerging technological environment, India has a significant possibility of becoming the world's digital talent hub. By 2025, demand for sophisticated
Right To Be Forgotten

Right To Be Forgotten

A petitioner seeking to exercise his 'right to be forgotten' was recently given relief by the Delhi high court (RTBF). The petitioner, who had

Possibility of domestic tourism

The globe has encountered several worldwide difficulties in the previous 20 years, including the dot-com boom, 9/11, and the 2008 financial catastrophe tourism

Democratising Political Parties

Procedural democracy refers to the practice of universal adult franchise, periodic elections, and secret ballot voting, whereas substantive Political democracy refers to the internal democratic

Digital Governance Through AI

The government's focus on the JAM Trinity (Jan Dhan-Aadhaar-Mobile) to build a digital identity for each person has aided the spread of digital adoption